Our Mission

We are lean and versatile and don’t operate with huge overheads in the likes of flashy office, sales & administrative staff. Our technical personnel deal directly with the clients, without lengthy chain of commands and costs.


Since 2001, we have

  • Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) of Perth’s premier Tier III Data Centre build. The scope includes site selection, equipment selection, design, contracts management, project management and certification. Deliver a superior product to the client as a cost base below industry average.

  • Configure and commissioned over 3,300 PROFIBUS/PROFINET capable drives, including 500+ Siemens Sinamics, 600 Siemens Micromaster 440, 300+ SEW SERVO drives, 250 SEW VSD drives, 1400+ Siemens Simocode / Simocode Pro devices.

  • Configure over 300,000 SCADA Tags, with the biggest that comprises over 60,000 WinCC tags.

  • Configure, network and connects up to 58 PLCs, including 12 safety related PLCs on a single project.

  • Configure and maintain Siemens SCADA servers with Redundancy, Web Servers & advance recipe system with over 30 connected clients stations.


What We've Achieved

  • Pier DC (2015) – Engineering, Procurement, Construction (EPC) of Perth’s premier Data Centre build. The scope includes site selection, equipment selection, design, contracts management, project management and certification. Deliver a superior product to the client as a cost base below industry average.

  • BGC Cement (2014) – Design 30+ tiers MCC & PLC cabinets. Due to tight dateline, we designed an modular system and outsourced the MCC manufacture overseas. The MCC manufacture are supervised and conform to suit Australian standards, then factory tested and shipped to sites on schedule. We have also saved the customer over $2M in cost to date.

  • BGC Australia (2013) – Develop a customised Fuel Management System to record and conciliation of over 100,000 fuel transactions across 14 sites using RFID and access keys.

  • BGC Plasterboard (2013) – Develop a customised QC Vision System to mark, record cornice quality (accuracy to 1.2mm) in a continuous production line. This is a unique 3D application not previously available in the market.

  • Boral Asphalt (2012) – Migrate proprietary SCADA system to Siemens WinCC with no disruption to production

  • Brikmakers (2009) – Met tight dateline. Improve throughput and process downtime recovery through smart programming and intuitive operator interface. 58 PLCs networked.

  • BGC Cement, Receival and Milling plants (2006) – Met target delivery date and 41% under budget on engineering time

  • PCT Engineers, Water Corporation Kwinana Water Reclamation Plant (2005) – Assist client to resolve control system performance issue, configure and programming systems and help client meet its tight delivery schedule

  • BGC Cornice, Cornice Production Line (2005) – Met target delivery date and 25% under budget

  • Coogee Chemicals, White Hydrate Plant (2004) – Met target delivery date and under budget

Our Services

Ecanet Engineers
Data Centre Design and Facilitation
SCADA/HMI/PLC Configuration and Programming
Electrical Engineering & Control Systems Design
Internet/Intranet Security & Networking
Industrial Machine Control & Robotics
Quality Control & Vision System
Safety Systems, Machine Safety
Lighting Design & Control
Project Management
Access Control
Ecanet Electrical
MCC, Switchboards, PLC Panels Manufacturer
Electrical Installations
Commissioning support
Operation Support & Maintenance
High Voltage Switching Operations
CCTV Surveillance
Security Installer & Consultant license
Registered Cabler with ACMA
Fibre optics install and certification
Smart, Energy Efficient Lighting


  • Uptime Institute Accredited Tier Designers (ATD)

  • Uptime Institute Accredited Tier Specialist (ATS)

  • Uptime Institute Accredited Operations Specialist (AOS)

  • DCProfessional Development – Critical Operations Professional

  • Microsoft Certified Professional (MCP)

  • Electrical Contractor Licence (EC11340)

  • Security Installer and Consultant Licenses

  • Registered Cabler with ACMA (Fibre Optics, Telecommunication)

  • Registered Building Practitioner, Registered Builder (BP101830)

  • Approved Service Technician, Channel Partners and Registered Contractor with several equipment suppliers

Industries we operate in

  • Data Centre

  • Industrial Manufacturing

  • Chemical and Petrochemical

  • Mining

  • Oil and Gas

  • Factory Automation

  • Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs)

Data Centre

  • Data Centre Design (Architectural, Electrical, Cooling, Technology)

  • Site Feasibility, Facilitation & Construction Services

  • Data Centre Infrastructure Management (DCIM)

  • Surveillance and Access Control

  • Facility Management & Maintenance

  • Fire Prevention & Protection

Information Technology

  • Control networks design and optimisation

  • Manufacturing Enterprise Systems (MES)

  • Hosting

  • Storage

  • Network security

  • IoT, Virtualisation, Cloud services


  • Control systems (SCADA/HMI/PLC) configuration and programming

  • Standalone control systems integration

  • Equipment parameterisation and configuration

  • Safety systems implementation and integration to processes

  • Machine safety and safe-guarding

  • Industrial Robotics

  • Quality Control & Vision System

  • Power monitoring and management

  • Remote monitoring system (GSM, Satellite)

  • Process optimisation, problem solving & troubleshooting

  • On-site maintenance and operation support

  • Factory/System Acceptance Test (FAT/SAT)


  • Motor Control Centre (MCC) design

  • Load feeder & power distribution boards design

  • Small power & lighting distribution design

  • Lighting design

  • Single Line Diagrams, Drive/Equipment schematics

  • Power cables sizing, cable schedule

  • PLC and Remote I/O Drop cabinets design

  • I/O termination, marshalling and instrument loop drawings

  • P&IDs, CAD drawings & documentation

  • Manufacture of MCC & PLC cabinets


  • Mechanical design and fabrication

  • Lighting design and photometric simulation

  • Feasibility studies, Options analysis, Scope of work and schedule development

  • Detailed functional specifications

  • System operation training & support

  • Contract & Project Management